Thoughts on COVID-19, and our future…

I foresee a few things happening after COVID-19 passes us by. Here are a few of my predictions:

  1. Companies will realize the cost savings of having people working from home and will eventually transition many of their positions to remote positions. This will result in 1. Companies that make hardware (Logitech, etc.) & software (Zoom, Slack, Microsoft, etc.) to enable this to do well. 2. Companies will have a much larger labor pool to choose from because they can look outside the local area (expect companies providing job listings (,, etc. to do well). 3. Expect commercial real estate to do poorly as companies will need less square footage. 4. Families will no longer need two vehicles and will drive less, resulting in oil & auto companies doing poorly).
  2. Expect many more retail companies with physical locations to start embracing smart checkout technology (like Sam’s Club) to reduce the number of checkout personnel required.
  3. Consumer electronic repair companies (, etc.) will do well as people tighten their financial purse strings.
  4. More manufactures (especially of critical products) will move to / back to the United States.
  5. The United States (and possibly many other countries) will use large-scale infrastructure projects (roads, fiber internet, dams, solar/wind farms, bridges, high-speed rail) to kick-start the economy after it stalls.
  6. Ecommerce companies (, will do well.
  7. ISP / Cellular / mobile / VoIP companies will do well – companies will upgrade infrastructures to deal with increased demand.
  8. Moving companies will do well as people are no longer tied to a physical location for work.
  9. Cruise lines & airlines will do well as people feel the need to get out and travel more after being locked down for months.
  10. Restaurants will do well as people are sick of eating at home- this may be short-lived though as people start to tighten their purse strings.
  11. Companies that provide “prepping” supplies will do well as people realize how vulnerable they were.
  12. Consumer electronic companies (Apple, Samsung, etc.) will do well as people spend more time at home.
  13. Movie theaters will do poorly as people begin staying at home more – both to save money and as media streaming is becoming much more wide-spread.
  14. Overall, I think people will start being more conservative with their personal finances (savings & investments will increase).