My name is Jason P. Russell, I am a 38-year-old husband of 17 years; and father to identical twin 10-year-old boys. Currently, I live in the Orlando, Florida area with my wife, twin sons, two cats and a bunch of fish. I am a serial entrepreneur, founding companies such as Grocerly and Harmony Tech. I’ve been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, but think of it as a competitive advantage instead of a disorder. In my past life, I spent eight years active-duty in the US Navy working as a Cryptologic Technician (Communications) for NAVSECGRU /NETWARCOM, two years working as a contractor at the NSA and four years in Iraq as the Division Lead for the DoD's Tactical Biometrics Cell. I’m a member of Team Rubicon and the FBI’s Infragard.

I’m interested in disruptive technologies, mixed reality, big data, retail analytics, cryptology, Python, internet marketing, growth hacking, IoT, AI, machine learning, cryptocurrencies, web development, space, history, cyberpunk culture, nootropics, body & mind hacking, offensive and defensive network security, and the future. I enjoy traveling, SCUBA diving, astronomy, photography, camping, backpacking, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and treasure hunting (seriously).

You can find me online on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I can also be reached at or via phone at +1 (407) 476-1587.